About Us


Shein Shawn makes shopping for women’s fashion clean, simple and easy.  It is our mission to provide the very best women’s fashion, at the very best prices with the very best service.  We are dedicated to this mission for you and have been in the fashion business.  By giving you an amazing selection of fashion choices and at the very best prices, Shein Shawn strives to become your fashion retailer of choice, every time.


The only thing that we price into our apparel is the apparel itself. There are so many things that other fashion retailers build into their price, but not Shein Shawn.  We do not include anything into the price of our fashion except for the fashion.  We keep things ‘Sweet and Simple”.  Our prices reflect only the price of our fashion, nothing else.  We same you money by 

  • No Expensive photo shoots – We do great photoshoots without expensive locations and photography that increases prices
  • No Expensive live telephone based customer service – We offer amazing online customer service.  Less than 4% of consumers actually ever utilize expensive live phone service
  • No Expensive advertising campaigns
  • No Expensive celebrity endorsements
  • No Expensive social media influencers 
  • No Expensive real world stores
  • No Expensive vanity warehouses

All of this results in lower prices for you and that is exactly the way we want it.  Most fashion companies spend a huge amount of money trying to visually impress you before you even purchase anything.  At Shein Shawn, we prefer amazing product photos that light up your wardrobe and your mood when you bring home some of our women’s fashion choices.


It is just that simple!  We do not charge extra for our fashion with expensive photo shoots, expensive live operator customer service, 

Did you know that only 6% of online shoppers create over 90% of all online returns?  Basically, you have to pay extra for each piece of clothing that other people return.  This is a huge cost to everyone.  What Shein Shawn does is drop our prices so low that returning an item is actually more expensive than keeping it.  

Did you know that most national fashion retailers spend $millions of dollars every year on expensive models and photo shoots to splash their website with dozens of pictures that only increases the cost of their fashion?  It is true.  This adds a HUGE cost to every piece of apparel that other retailers sell … and they expect you to pay for it!  Not Shein Shawn.  We ONLY take great pictures of our products for you to see on the product page and that is it.  No expensive glitzy photo shoots that increases the cost of our women’s fashion … and it is you who saves!

Did you know that most other national apparel retailers spend $millions of dollars on expensive social media influencers and celebrities?  It is true!  There are estimates that between the cost reflected in the price of one piece of apparel is between $2 – $4 per piece and for some fashion retailers even over $5.00 per piece. Not at Shein Shawn.  We do not pay anyone to try and sell and “influence” you to buy our fashion.  We use good ole fashion word of mouth and organic search to impress you with our amazing fashion and amazing prices.